Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Many of you out there on the forums and blog sites are talking about building your own indoor putting green for the house or basement to save money.  I have built a lot of them over the years and realize that the surface material is the most important feature.  I have yet to find anything even close at the local builders supply that would resemble an adequate surface to putt on.  Sure you can get the lumber and hardware to build that bulky thing, but is that all necessary to elevate the surface just to get a deeper hole?  What about being able to move that monstrosity if you need too?  Why pay all that money for bulky base material to then top it with a subpar material?  I can tell you from experience that there is a much easier way.
On our homepage at  click on our demonstration video that shows how a portable indoor putting green works.  It demonstrates the speed of our surface (9-10) using the stimp meter.  It also demonstrates how our unique cup/flag system works without having to elevate the surface.  Notice how true the ball rolls. Also, note the bounce and roll out when chipping onto the green with our portable chipping mat. There is also a removable back stop to keep any missed putts from rolling off the green.
If you still insist on building your own, then contact me and I can provide the surface.  I can also make custom sizes to meet your needs.  Mention that you read this blog and I'll throw in a free chipping mat with one of our greens.   Make your indoor game enjoyable!

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